4 Casino Scams That Actually Worked

4 Casino Scams That Actually Worked

While the typical casino player always conducts themselves in an honest fashion, throughout history there have been those who have perpetrated casino scams which actually worked. The majority of these scammers used modern technology to their advantage and obliterated the house edge in the process, virtually guaranteeing a win. Here’s how they did it.

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Lottery Scams

Lottery Scams

The lottery is one of those things everyone wishes they could win and that is why lotto scams are prevalent and unfortunately have caught many people. There are different types of lottery scams, but they all promise the same thing; a huge cash pay out. There is always a catch though, the person will need to pay a processing fee or make some sort of small payment.

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The Ways People Cheat at Casinos

The Ways People Cheat at Casinos Gambling is big business, and casino rake in billions of dollars each year. But there’s a dark side to the industry too, with many players opting to cheat to try and get and edge on the house. Thanks to the developments we’re enjoying in terms of technology, however, it … Read more

Phil Ivey and the Edge Sorting Scandal

Phil Ivey and the Edge Sorting Scandal It’s quite funny to think that a Poker player lost in the region of $10 million playing Baccarat, but that’s exactly what happened to Phil Ivey. The world famous Poker pro thought he had found an ingenious way to beat Baccarat, a real game of luck, but in … Read more

Sophisticated to Slapstick Casino Crimes

Sophisticated to Slapstick Casino Crimes When we think about crimes committed in casinos we think of Oceans’ Eleven style heists and scams that see sophisticated security systems fooled, prosthetic face masks used as disguises and laundry vans or exotic cars used as getaway vehicles. $100 dollar bills hidden in walls, chips smuggled out in fake limbs … Read more

Recent Casino Scams

Recent Casino Scams There are always those that are looking for ways to beat the casinos.  There are those that have done it without breaking any rules, but mostly they are just scammers.  When you play at a casino no deposit this is something you don’t need to know about, but let’s take a look … Read more

5 Most Famous Las Vegas Mob Murders

5 Most Famous Las Vegas Mob Murders While many know Las Vegas to be one of the most popular gambling and entertainment destinations in the world, many may not be as well-versed in just how seedy and dark the early days of Las Vegas were. The link between the mob and casino crime has cemented … Read more

Incredible Casino Crimes Around the World

Incredible Casino Crimes Around the World Although movies make casino heists look glamorous and thrilling, the reality is that modern-day casinos are hyper aware of security issues, and it is almost impossible to get through these to the cash they keep on hand. Most of the theft attempted these days are prosaic smash-and-grabs, or thieves … Read more

Casino Robbery Attempts

Casinos Heists Often End In Disaster For The Crooks We’ve seen in it film and stories; that big, elaborate heist that a potential robber spends months to perfect, and then finally pulls off in a blaze of glory. In these stories, the robbery is almost always successful, and they get away with enough money to … Read more

Fascinating Unsolved Casino Mysteries

Fascinating Unsolved Casino Mysteries Given that casinos house millions of dollars and there are often clear-cut links to organised crime, it’s no wonder that crime rates in the area tend to rise when a new casino opens. As such, there are thousands of fascinating stories about casino heists, murders, and disappearances linked to casinos and … Read more