Global Legalities Of Sports Betting

Gambling has always been something of a contentious topic throughout history. For hundreds of years, monarchs, governments, and other systems of power have attempted to make it illegal for citizens to enjoy any kind of gambling. While this has changed dramatically in recent years, there are still some countries that make it illegal for people to enjoy various forms of gambling and betting.

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Shocking Boxing Scandals

Shocking Boxing Scandals Boxing has probably had the most amount of scandals and controversies throughout history than any other sport.  Boxing is known for underhanded dealings and cheating.  Boxing is not for the faint hearted and the most controversial scandals are usually about somebody trying to get rich or even fixing things in the ring. … Read more

The Biggest Horse Racing Scandals

The Biggest Horse Racing Scandals Horse racing is a sport that always attracts attention, but not necessarily for the right reasons. Over the years there have been several scandals that have rocked the racing world and affected the horses, the jockeys and those who bet on them. Whether you enjoy, Caulfield Cup, Grand National, Kentucky … Read more

The Biggest Scandals in Sports

The Biggest Scandals in Sports

Since professional sports got created, players have been guilty of betting on their own games, or those of others, and gamblers have been hunting up ways to shift the odds their way behind the scenes. Here are some of the biggest transgressions in the world of sports and gambling.

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The Worst Match Fixing Scandals Ever

The Worst Match Fixing Scandals Ever Match fixing is a scourge that’s felt across the globe, in all kinds of sports. These incidents are some of the worst, but you can bet that even worse ones will crop up in the future. IPL Cricket is often subject to match fixing, but in 2013 a scandal … Read more

The Safety of Sports Betting Online

Online Sports Betting – How Safe Is It? Sports betting is one of the oldest forms of gambling in the world, and it can trace its roots back to as early as the Roman Empire, but evidence exists that its even older than that. It’s age is a testament to resilience, showing that people have … Read more

Football Match Fixing Scandals

Match Fixing in Football Match fixing has unfortunately become a big problem across all sports.  This article will look at some of the biggest match fixing scandals in Football. Robert Hoyzer In 2005 Robert Hoyzer, a former referee, was found guilty and received a sentence of two years in prison.  He was found guilty of … Read more

When Bookies Go Bad: Paul Phua

While those in the know will certainly be familiar with the name Paul Phua, most people have never heard of this unassuming, modest figure born in Borneo, Malaysia who just happens to be the world’s biggest bookie. Best described as the “unknown king of international gambling”, Phua is a business man, poker play, and rumoured to be a senior member of the 14K triad – a Hong Kong criminal group.

From humble beginnings as a construction worker to jet setting around the world in a $48 million Gulstream V jet, Phua has been plagued by rumours of criminal activity for years. The FBI finally thought they had him beat – only to watch him walk away a free man.

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Cricket Match Fixing Scandal

Cricket Match Fixing With the recent clearing of the match fixing allegations that were levelled against the Ashes third test match and an UAE cricket match, the fixing of cricket matches is once again in the spotlight. The allegations against the Ashes third test were levelled by The Sun reporters, who claim Indian bookmakers had … Read more

Infamous Criminals in Sporting History

Infamous Criminals in Sporting History I’m no FBI profiler -I simply could not tell you why certain athletes turn into hardened criminals, but I am guessing it has something to do with being millionaires at a very tender age, outfitted with a veritable army of enablers, and far too much free time. Most professional players … Read more