The Ways People Cheat at Casinos

The Ways People Cheat at Casinos

Gambling is big business, and casino rake in billions of dollars each year. But there’s a dark side to the industry too, with many players opting to cheat to try and get and edge on the house. Thanks to the developments we’re enjoying in terms of technology, however, it is getting more difficult to do. Casinos now have cameras trained on each of their tables, and there’s always someone watching to make sure nothing untoward is being attempted. Sometimes people do still manage to get away with it, however! Herewith some of the most common techniques these days.

We can enjoy gambling from just about anywhere these days, with great options like the online betting NZ has to offer optimised for a range of devices. Cheating on this platform is very difficult, so this article will focus on land-based shenanigans.

The False Shuffle

This cheat needs the gambler to join forces with a croupier in order for it to work. The dealer will then use a false shuffle, which looks almost exactly like a regular one, but secretly leaves certain cards in their original positions. The player working in cahoots with croupier will have been tracking the cards, and will then be able to spot where the unshuffled ones get dealt.

Roulette Past Posting

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it’s still causing nightmares for industry players. It’s also a very simple process. Cheaters place their chips on the winning number after the Roulette ball has dropped into the wheel. Cheater No. 2 will then distract the dealer somehow, and the first guy then puts his chips, with the conspirators differently coloured ones underneath, onto the winning number. If the 2nd cheat’s ruse is uncovered those chips will be removed, but the first player’s will stay in place.

Hidden Camera Baccarat Swindle

This move requires the cheat to hide a camera up is sleeve. When the players cuts the cards he or she will take the cut card and drag it over the top of the deck, separating the cards from each other ever so slightly. The camera films the cards, and a watching accomplice relays the information back to the gamble via a tiny earpiece. This trick is most often used at the Baccarat table, but can also be used in Blackjack.

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Bill Validator Device for Slot Machines

As slots get more sophisticated, so have the cheats. In the old-fashioned coin-operated machines, frauds would attach string to a coin along with a paperclip on the end in order to make sure it didn’t fall into the hopper.

These days a small computer device is used that fools the bill validator. The gadget, usually hidden by a US$1 bill, has two prongs which are put into the bill validator. Once they make contact with the point below it, the machine will read any bill inserted into it as a US$100 bill. The most modern devices don’t even require the US$1 bill and just add credits after the contact point is hit.