Global Legalities Of Sports Betting

Gambling has always been something of a contentious topic throughout history. For hundreds of years, monarchs, governments, and other systems of power have attempted to make it illegal for citizens to enjoy any kind of gambling. While this has changed dramatically in recent years, there are still some countries that make it illegal for people to enjoy various forms of gambling and betting.

Here we will dive into the facts and information concerning the legality of sports betting in a number of countries around the world.


Brazil is the largest country in South America, and is known for having a fairly strict government when it comes to certain things, such as gambling. In fact, any kind of gambling is completely illegal within the country, despite the many underground betting rings that have become popular over the years. Unlike some countries that ban a few kinds of gambling but permit others, Brazil remains unique in that all forms of gambling are simply not allowed. These rules tend to only extend to the borders of the country, meaning that citizens and punters that want to bet on sports can only do so by making use of international betting sites and bookmakers.


Argentina is another South American country that has another set of strong laws when it comes to gambling, although they are not quite as strict as Brazil. Within Argentina, people are not permitted to take part in any kind of gambling, with the only exception being horse racing betting, which also coincidentally happens to be one of the most popular pastimes within the country. Argentinians have been gambling on horses for more than 200 years, and it’s become so ingrained in the local culture that it’s doubtful that the government would ever be able to successfully ban it.


India has a strange set of laws in terms of what’s legal and illegal. It often entirely depends on the region within India, what the gambling is, and whether it’s actually sanctioned by the government. Casino gambling and lotteries are fairly common in most parts of India, while other parts don’t allow them at all. Others might allow citizens to take part in horse racing betting while simultaneously disallow them from enjoying casino games. For Indians, it’s a good idea to read up on the laws within the area and find out what exactly is illegal and what isn’t, and is worth checking before a citizen takes the time to play roulette for real money.


The Middle Eastern country is famously known for not allowing its citizens in taking part in any form of gambling, and doing so can lead to severe punishment, without exception. Authorities are quite strict when it comes to gambling, which is why anyone living in Dubai must take care not to be caught out by the government if they try and take part in any kind of betting. There are extremely minor exceptions, such as certain horse racing events, but these are tightly regulated by the government.