Most Amazing Successful Casino Robbery Attempts

There is no question that casinos have incredible security. In fact, they have some of the most notoriously high security out of any venue in the world. But this doesn’t stop some criminals from taking a shot at a robbery. The vast majority of these attempts fail, and end with the criminals in jail, or worse. But sometimes, out of incredible effort, dumb luck, or a combination of the two, the robberies are successful.

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Crime in Casinos: The Surprising Truth

When we think of crimes that are committed at a casino, we most often think of intricate heists that involve getting past the heavy security and making away with millions in cash or diamonds. The truth, however, is far more mundane, and shows that most crime that does take place in casinos is almost always opportunistic, and for the most part, involves the guests directly rather than the casino itself.

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The Criminal Gang Peaky Blinders is Based On

Who were the actual Peaky Blinders?

On the BBC show, Cillian Murphy plays boss Tommy Shelby and shows how he violently takes on the streets of Birmingham, England, all the while outfitted in the most tailored, fashionable clothes of the period. In reality, members of this gang were actually known for their signature dressy look, including silk scarves to class up their extralegal enterprises, and they did, in fact, wreak havoc on the West Midlands region in a very similar fashion to that of their onscreen counterparts.

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