Get To Know Some Of The Worlds Gambling Rules

Gambling may be legal in many parts of the world, but there are still a few places that have some rather weird rules in place when it comes to ensuring the legality of it all. Of course, obeying a few unusual rules is a small price to pay when it comes to gambling. It could be worse, it could be completely illegal and leave you feeling left out.

So, to help you stay in the loop and enjoy your favourite pastime, we’ve looked up some of the rules that you may not know when it comes to gambling across the globe. Some may be purely for interest sake, while others may be applicable to your next international holiday.

7 Gambling Rules Worth Knowing

Craps: Canada

If you’ve ever played a game of craps, you’ll know that dice are an important part of it all. Unfortunately, in Canada, it is illegal to use dice to play craps. The reason behind this obscure rule is that there are fears that robotic dice are being used to cheat. As a result, players need to be smarter about how they play the game – should they choose to play.

Betting Is Still Illegal (Mostly): Japan

You’ll notice that we use the term betting and not gambling here. This is because lotteries, Pachinko and many forms of sports betting are legal in the country.  This is not anything new and goes back to ancient times. This relates to the traditional manner in which the country’s culture deals with social order and money.

Bingo Has A Time Limit: North Carolina

Playing bingo is completely legal in North Carolina, provided that the game does not continue for more than five hours, or a tournament more than two days. Should this happen, the casino will lose its license. The origin of this law remains a mystery, but it’s here to stay. On the plus side, we can’t imagine a game taking that long to finish, but you never know…

You Can Gamble But Dog Betting Is A No: South Africa

In keeping up with the theme of absurdity, South Africa has legalised gambling. However, it is illegal to bet on dog races. The country claims that it is due to animal cruelty, but they allow betting on horses so that’s a topic of debate.

Online Poker Is Legal But Poker Rooms Aren’t: Texas

In the great state of Texas – which has a form of poker named after it – it is illegal to own or operate a poker room. Given Texas’ strict gambling laws, this isn’t a surprise. What is a bit of a surprise is the fact that online poker is legal and you can play at anytime.

If You Lose You Can Sue: Kentucky

This rule works in favour of the unlucky and states that if you lose more than $5 while playing, you can sue for damages. You can even sue for an amount that exceeds what you actually lost.

The more you know…

So the next time you head off on an adventure, make sure you research the region’s gambling rules and laws. Some may work in your favour and others may not, it’s better to be safe than sorry so do your research.