Casino Robbery Attempts

Casinos Heists Often End In Disaster For The Crooks

We’ve seen in it film and stories; that big, elaborate heist that a potential robber spends months to perfect, and then finally pulls off in a blaze of glory. In these stories, the robbery is almost always successful, and they get away with enough money to set them up for life. While it is true that there have been some successful heists over the years, these tend to be few and far between, and are next to impossible in today’s age.

Today, potential criminals face an endless amount of different security barriers to get past if they want to make any money, and for those that do manage to actually pull it off, it usually isn’t long before they are caught by the law. Whether it’s just a small cash robbery or a full-on heist, these are some of the biggest fails in casino crime history, and why it’s better to try and win money through online slots real money Canada.

The Biker Bandit Robbery – 2010

In December of 2010, a daring 29 year old by the name of Anthony Carleo managed to successfully steal $1.5 million worth of playing chips from the famous Bellagio casino. It wasn’t a carefully, underhanded heist that saw him walk out of the casino without drawing any attention, but rather that Carleo pulled up on his bike, walked in with a gun, and took off with the chips.

The chips he stole would be his ultimate undoing, as the authorities were able to track him down while he was trying to fence off the stolen chips.

Cashier Cage Robbery – 2000

Instead of a single heist, this was instead a series of robberies that took place over a number of months, culmination in a cashier cage theft that took place at the Bellagio. While they stormed the casino wearing body armour and armed to the teeth, no one was injured, and they successfully get away. Not long after, the authorities arrested the three men in connection with the crimes.

One of the men committed suicide in his prison cell, one was given life without parole, and the last was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The Circus Circus Thefts – 1993

Among the stranger casino heists out there, this is one that ended on a lighter note. The robbery itself was pulled off by Heather Tallchief, who escaped with an armoured truck carrying around $2.95 million. Her, her accomplice, and the money completely vanished in one of the most successful casino heists in history.

Twelve years later, and with no leads of evidence, the unexpected happened. Tallchief handed herself over to authorities, citing that she couldn’t live with the growing guilt. While she received a sentence of five years, her then boyfriend and accomplice, as well as the money, were never seen again. Police believe that money made its way over to Europe, and was impossible to track down.

These stories prove that no matter how well a heist is thought-out, planned and even pulled off, it doesn’t take much to get caught – whether it’s from a small piece of evidence or personal guilt.