Modern Casino Security

The World of Modern Casino Security

We’ve seen it in books, film, and video games: the casino heist. An elaborate plan to break into a high tech casino and loot the millions upon millions of cash held inside the vaults. There will often be a breakdown of the heist, including different ways to bypass the various security measures that a casino has in place. When it comes to accuracy, sometimes the media gets it right, sometimes they get it wrong, but generally it’s somewhere in the middle of the two. Casino security has seen major leaps in the last few years, and breaking into a modern land based casino is one serious undertaking, one that is often completely impossible.

While it’s true that over the years there have been some individuals that have successfully managed to get away with robbing a casino. But for the vast majority that have tried, the usually conclusion is the same: jail time. Almost all of the successful heists that were pulled off took place in days gone by, when casinos didn’t have the same modern security they have no. Many of these heists actually helped casinos developed new systems to counteract any possible mimics that might try again. Next time you’re playing  pokies online  and start wondering how difficult it would be to rob a casino; these are the kind of obstacles you could expect.

An Army of Armed Security

A lot of money flows through a casino throughout an average day, and the first line of defence that the casino has to protect all their money is the security force. These are often highly paid, highly trained guards who constantly patrol the building, or stake out one high-activity spot. These are often large, burly men that are meant to not only keep an eye on everything going on, but to intimidate any would-be thieves.

Most casinos are also quite efficient in their day-to-day dealings, which is why the security force uses a number of special codes to alert the others of what’s going on throughout the establishment.

Camera Systems

While at any supermarket, it wouldn’t be uncommon to spot the odd camera here and there, keeping an eye on the customers and making sure nothing is stolen. In this case, the camera system here is often more basic, usually with just a few viewing screens and a guard watching them.

Casinos, on the other hand, employ some of the best monitoring systems on the planet. These are cameras that not only watch all the players with crystal clarity, but can even zoom in and recognise the face of anyone with a record.

The Vaults

These are often the targets of those wanting to make big money, and unfortunately for them, are generally impossible to get in to. Modern casino vaults consists of extremely thick, steel walls and a massive door that needs access codes entrusted to only a select few individuals. They’re also equipped with time-delayed locks, cameras, and sometimes even thermal alarms.

For anyone that has ever had an interest in breaking into a casino and escaping with bags of money, it’s essentially impossible, and for the sake of not going to prison, they’d be much better off trying to win something off of the slot machines.