Cricket Match Fixing Scandal

Cricket Match Fixing

With the recent clearing of the match fixing allegations that were levelled against the Ashes third test match and an UAE cricket match, the fixing of cricket matches is once again in the spotlight.

The allegations against the Ashes third test were levelled by The Sun reporters, who claim Indian bookmakers had offered to fix some of this match. The allegations were against one crooked Australian player and intermediary who claimed to be able to arrange a fix.

However after an intensive investigation, the International Cricket Council has dismissed the claim as they have found no evidence of corruption.

As for the farcical cricket match held by the Twenty20 private league in United Arab Emirates, the International Cricket Council is now investigating the questionable dismissals.

The video posted by cricket writer Saj Sadiq showed amazing bad play by cricketers which seemed to show obvious match fixing. Players could be seen slinging their bats with no form and being run out with way too much ease.

What is match fixing?

Match fixing occurs when the result of the game has been predetermined by people playing in the match as well as the bookmaker (or any party trying to bribe players). So the player or players will ensure balls are not caught, bowling is bad, time is wasted etc. This leads to bad betting form and the general public being unable to bet according to the actual skills and prior stats of the team. Even those using reputable online betting NZ sites can be affected, and you should take the time to research any corruption possibilities in the teams you bet on.

Top Cricketers banned by the International Cricket Council:

Mohammed Azaruddin – received a life ban for associating with bookmakers and proving information the bookies, as well as involving Hansie Cronje in betting

Hansie Cronje – received a life ban for accepting monetary rewards from bookmakers and match fixing. The fall of this legendary cricketer from grace sent shock waves through the international cricketing community.

Saleem Malik – received a life ban in 2000 for offering bribes and was the first ever cricketer to be jailed for match fixing, this ban was later over turned in 2008

Danish Kaneria – received a life ban in 2010, he was investigated by police who did not pursue charges but was banned by the England and Wales Cricket Board and the Pakistan Cricket Board.

Lou Vincent – Recieved a life ban after match fixing in an English domestic cricket match, but also received a ban prior to that for failing to report a match fixing attempt

Ajay Sharma – received a life ban in 2000 for associating with bookmakers

At-ur-Rehman – received a life ban in 2000 for dealing with bookmakers, this ban was lifted in 2006.

These top cricket players shook the fans and fellow player’s belief in this wonderful sport, which should be played with everyone on best form and no bribes to match fixing to interfere. With the cricketing boards across the glove always on the lookout for inappropriate play, hopefully we can have fare matches in the future.