Incredible Casino Crimes Around the World

Incredible Casino Crimes Around the World

Although movies make casino heists look glamorous and thrilling, the reality is that modern-day casinos are hyper aware of security issues, and it is almost impossible to get through these to the cash they keep on hand. Most of the theft attempted these days are prosaic smash-and-grabs, or thieves trying their best to outsmart the tech in place to keep games fair and safe.

The best thing about enjoying the table games and slots NZ has to offer is the fact that you will be enjoying state-of-the-art encryption that keeps your personal and financial information safe. You are not at risk from the kinds of crimes we’re looking at in this article today!

Raking in the Cash at the Ritz

A talent of gamblers, as a group of these individuals is known, made up of two Serbian men and a woman from Hungary, managed to make off with £1.3 million from London’s Ritz Casino thanks to laser tech.

It was alleged that a laser scanner linked to a computer was used by the trio to determine the winning numbers on the roulette wheel by ascertaining the speed of the ball. The calculations were done quickly enough for the bettors to place the wagers they wanted to in the time required before the wheel had spun enough times.

The trio won £100,000 on the first night, and then came very close to walking away with an additional £1.2 million the next. Following claims of cheating, however, the funds were frozen and the gang was arrested. Thanks to the fact that there was very little legislation around the use of a laser, it was eventually determined that they had not broken any laws, and they were allowed to keep the money!

Surveillance at the Sugarhouse Casino

Although there are security camera monitoring players in the majority of land-based casinos, in part to make sure that no one is cheating or colluding with croupiers, it was a different sort of surveillance that formed the basis for this crime.

The SugarHouse Casino, in Philadelphia, had security cameras in place, but these were not the only witnesses to the big wins occurring on the game floor. A spate of robberies happened in which thieves were targeting lucky players and attacking them as they made their way home. On more than one occasion the winners got pounced on as they exited their vehicles after a lucky night, and roughly US$30 000 was stolen in several incidents in just one week.

Criminal Conduct at the Crown Casino

Cybercrime is something we are all aware of, but it’s some next-level knowledge that allows a hacker to exploit the surveillance system a casino has in place in order to protect itself.

The Crown Casino, in Perth, Australia, was the victim of this kind of attack, after a person gained unauthorised access into the casino’s security cameras. These were adjusted slightly, so as to make the dealer’s cards visible, and the mystery man managed to make away with US$33 million by cooperating with a guy on the inside by means of an earpiece. The latter was apprehended, but the hacker has never been found!