Guide To The Legality of The Super Bowl

Gambling On The Super Bowl – Could It Be Legalised?

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events of the year for both the United States and the rest of the world, and is among the most watched pieces of television in history. An estimated one billion fans watch the event as it happens, with a huge portion of that actively betting on the Super Bowl. While, for many countries, Super Bowl betting is completely legal and above the line, in the United States, almost all types of sports betting are against the law and are punishable with both a fine and even jail time. But could this be changing?

In recent months, a number of North American states have begun debating whether sports betting should be illegal or not. In some states, like Nevada, sports betting, such as bingo online Australia, is legal for all citizens, allowing them to bet on the Super Bowl for as long as it’s done within the state. There are just a handful of other states that allow sports betting, but due to the popularity and the far-reach of the Super Bowl, more states are looking to start changing laws in regards to sports and online betting in general.

A Change in The Seasons

Every year around this time, bookmakers begin releasing their odds for the upcoming Super Bowl. This is when most bettors start to take an interest, doing research, placing their bets, and watching the games with excitement. For Americans, however, almost all of those bets will be placed illegally, as Nevada stands as the only state in the country where sports bets can be made without any problems. An estimated $140 million in sports bets will be made in Nevada alone, $1.4 billion worth throughout the entire country and the rest of the world.

This creates a conundrum of its own, and why other states are scrambling to change the law. There is obviously a huge market for sports betting throughout the country, and is only growing bigger each year. That means that there are hundreds of thousands of Americans that are betting illegally, and with those kind of numbers, being able to arrest and prosecute them would cost the government endless dollars while not really fixing any problems.

The Supreme Court’s Take

Right now, the Supreme Court of the US is reviewing a 26 year old law called Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act that was put in place to prohibit citizens from making any type of sports bet, online or otherwise. New Jersey is one of the most prominent states right now in terms of revising the law and allowing sports betting, with many others following suit. Depending on what the Supreme Court decides, it could mean the change to the prohibition and the allowance of sports betting throughout the country.

Making it legal would have a number of benefits, including allowing tax to be added to betting, creating a new revenue stream for federal agencies. What the future holds is anyone’s guess, but right now it’s looking bright for sports bettors.