Recent Casino Scams

Recent Casino Scams

There are always those that are looking for ways to beat the casinos.  There are those that have done it without breaking any rules, but mostly they are just scammers.  When you play at a casino no deposit this is something you don’t need to know about, but let’s take a look at those who tried to cheat the house in the last few decades…

Ohio Casinos Scammed

The city of Ohio was invaded by a crime ring from New York in 2012.  There were around 70 people involved in this ring and they would travel around scamming casinos all over the US.  The players would make a low bet playing roulette and would pocket chips of a certain colour while another player distracted the dealer.  The first player would then leave the table and give the chips to other members.  The second member would go to another table, and assign a higher value to that particular colour chip and cash it out at the higher rate.  After doing this at four different Ohio casinos they were arrested and found guilty.  It was thought that the ring could make around $1000 to $2000 for each scam, but who knows how much they made over the years.

The Roselli Brothers Scam

The Roselli Brothers made around $37 million at various casinos without losing any of their own money.  They hired a hacker to hack into credit systems and get data from people with excellent credit ratings.  They then opened accounts in their names and deposited $50 000 after which they received a line of credit with major casinos.  The scam went on for about five years because of offset betting procedures.  In this way they did not draw attention to themselves as it looked as though they were also losing money.  They paid off their outstanding markers, which meant they ended up with credit lines into the millions.  The scam was very well thought out and took the FBI a long time to even realise what had taken place.

The Cutter Gang Baccarat Scam

In 2011 the Cutter Gang made millions cheating at baccarat.  They did this by taking advantage of the offer to cut the deck once the dealer had shuffled.  One member would drag one of the cards separating the cards and then placing it back in the deck.  The player had a hidden camera in his cufflink, which allowed him to see the card values.  The player would then leave the table to look at the information from the camera and pass it on to another member.  Every hand would be a winning one.  They were eventually caught in Las Vegas in 2011 after winning $1 million under suspicious circumstances.  They were then released, as there was insufficient evidence to convict them.  Later they were arrested in the Philippines but escaped and are still at large.

Invisible Ink Scam

Using invisible ink, four members were able to scam the Princess Casino out of about $84 000.  One member would mark the cards while he was playing stud poker and the other members would use special contact lenses to see the invisible markings.  The casino became suspicious and the police investigated.  After much investigation the members were arrested.