Lottery Scams

Lottery Scams

The lottery is one of those things everyone wishes they could win and that is why lotto scams are prevalent and unfortunately have caught many people. There are different types of lottery scams, but they all promise the same thing; a huge cash pay out. There is always a catch though, the person will need to pay a processing fee or make some sort of small payment.

The scammer will say that these fees are needed for the admin, to process the winnings.  Some scams will often require “winners” to pay more fees using various excuses and are offered through texts, emails and phone calls.

Using Legitimate Lotteries

Scammers will often use names for their lottery that sound legitimate such as “National European Lottery”. Even though these names may sound legitimate it is always important to check the website.  The email address will usually not include the name and will be sent from a free email service like Gmail.  Legitimate lottery companies would not use a free service email.  A scammer may even use the name of legitimate lotteries to try and get money.

A Google search will reveal whether the lottery is real or a scam.  Another scam that seems to offer some kind of legitimacy is using names like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, but individuals never offer lotteries, and you’re better off playing bingo for money if you are looking for real wins.

Other Methods Scammers Use

Some lottery scams say that their winners are randomly selected using emails or phone numbers.  Legitimate lotteries will never do this and it is impossible to win a lottery without actually buying a ticket!  There is also usually dodgy spelling and grammar, which is a definite giveaway and an expiry date, is often included to collect your “winnings”.  Other incentives are also used such as more money or holidays if you respond to your claim immediately

So called unclaimed lottery prizes are a way that scammers use to trap people, lotteries will never do this, rather they will donate the money to charity.  Some scammers will say they are working together with a lottery winner who wants to distribute their winnings to those who are less fortunate, they will then get banking details and personal information.  Other scammers will try to sell fake winning lottery tickets at a good price and say they are unable to collect the winnings themselves for fear of deportation or some other story.

A popular lottery scam that has been round for many years is that the scammer will tell people they have won the lottery, but the pay out will be in the form of a cheque, but a processing fee is needed, the cheque will never arrive.

Email in the last few years has become a popular way of scamming people out of money.  A link will be included in the email that will take you to a website that will infect the device with a virus or malware and banking and personal details can be taken and used by the scammers.