Modern Casino Security Technologies

Technologies Modern Casinos Employ

At the end of the day, a casino is a business, and those that want to ensure their business stays profitable, especially in an environment that has millions of dollars worth of cash in constant rotation, it’s important that casino owners stay up to date on the latest security technologies on the market. 

These are technologies designed and implemented specifically to keep track of the millions of people that pass through casinos every year. Many would be surprised, however, that many casinos around the world are still trying to catch up to the modern tech that has hit the market – but as we advance further into an age of futuristic technology, more venues will begin adopting these advanced ways of protecting their assets. This is tech almost exclusive to land-based casinos, but we may begin to see some of it in casino sites in the future.

  1. Facial Recognition

Tied in directly with the current development of artificial intelligence systems, biometric facial recognition technology is starting to see a surge of popularity with casinos around the world. Companies such as Walmart have even used it, and their recognition software is able to nap would-be shoplifters.

It’s an invaluable technology in the casino industry, able to monitor thousands of faces at any given time. If money is stolen, investigators are able to use biometric facial recognition to sift through the many people that were in the casino, even being able to read minute facial details that would otherwise go unnoticed by staff. It also allows the casino to instantly pick out a player that may be blacklisted.

  1. Licence Plate Readers

While it’s a fairly basic technology, it’s proving invaluable in the casino world. Cameras that are set within the parking lots of a resort or venue are able to capture the hundreds of licence plates in the immediate area, after which optical character recognition converts the numbers and letters into text. Comparisons are made to a database that contains licence plates for any drivers that may have caused problems at other venues.

  1. RFID Technology

Casino chips are used on the playing floor to disallow people from having to lug around thousands in cash, and RFID tech has started to see these chips being integrated with special microchips that are embedded directly into the chip. The microchips broadcast on a number of radio frequencies which can be picked up by RFID-reading equipment, allowing security to instantly check if a chip is authentic or not. RFID technology is making big waves in Las Vegas after the famous Bellagio casino robbery, where a man successfully got away with $1.5 million in playing chips.

  1. Angel Eye

Angel Eye technology was developed to counter the growing problem of card switching within Asia. Each new card introduced to a casino has a barcode printed with invisible ink that only the Angel Eye system can pick up. It means that security can always keep an eye on the cards in play, and to take quick action if counterfeit cards are introduced into a game.