Securing the Cash at Land Based Casinos

Securing the Cash at Land Based Casinos

Consider the number of tables and machines at your favourite land based casino. Now consider how busy that casino is and how many chips are exchanged on an hourly basis. Every casino chip or machine credit was once cold hard cash and that money has to be stored and kept safe on the casino property. Considering the thousands of dollars which need to be kept on hand in order to pay out lucky players, it become apparent why land based casino security is so important. So what exactly does keeping all this cash secure entail?

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Pete Rose

Famous Sports Betting Scandals from Recent Years

In 2013, Europol, the European Union’s Joint police body, reported that it had found examples of nearly 700 soccer games around the world whose results seemed suspicious. The high number aside, the allegations of match fixing were unsurprising thanks to the low-scoring nature and commonality of soccer around the world which makes it an easier … Read more

Canada Gambling Laws

Definitive Online Gambling Legislation FAQ for Canada

Online casinos offer a seemingly endless array of options for the best in casino table games and online slots, but many Canadian players feel like they’re in the dark regarding the legality of online casino gambling. As such, we have put together this collection of Frequently Asked Questions regarding online casino gambling legislation in Canada. … Read more

Casino Crimes Perfect for Hollywood

4 Casino Crimes Perfect for Hollywood

Casinos and banks might not have much in common on first glance, but they are made equally attractive to thieves for one simple fact: they have vaults and safes full of money. While plenty of movies have been made about bank robberies, the two most notable films centred on casino heists are Ocean’s Eleven and … Read more

SSL Encryption

SSL Encryption Explained

If you have ever browsed online, there’s a good chance that you have noticed that sometimes, especially on website pages where you need to add personal information, there is a little “s” at the end of “HTTPS” in the URL bar. This “s” is part of the page’s security system, known as Secure Sockets Layer, … Read more

Sports Betting and Crime

Has Sports Betting Made Criminal Activity Easier?

While the majority of sports betting establishments offer a world of thrills, hair-raising competition and unceasing entertainment, there is a large number that have unfortunately experienced a flood of criminal activity in their midst. It makes sense, considering the amount of money there is and the number of desperate individuals looking to bring in massive … Read more

Gambling Laws in New Zealand

Gambling Laws in New Zealand

While most types of gambling were outlawed in New Zealand for many years, the introduction of the 2003 Gambling Act and other changes in legislature has seen it becoming a far more legally accepted pastime. These days gambling is popular and although the county’s population is relatively small, there are a large number of gamblers … Read more

The Dog Fighting Arena in Australia

The Dog Fighting Arena

Wagering on activities with an uncertain outcome has long been at the forefront of man’s curiosity.  It’s the debate of the unknown, the silence in between, the definitive moment that gives justice to the final outcome.  The outlying activities have been receiving more and more attention as of late due to the profitable earnings in … Read more

Card Counting Strategy

The Card Counting Strategy And Its Downfalls

Casinos are purely entertainment based, with an abundance of currency exchanging hands at the drop of every ace on a table; there is a looming predator willing to tackle the house.  Its raw, it’s an adrenalin rush and it will get your heart rate up to 200 beats per minute.  However dabbling in the unknown … Read more

Crime In Sport

The World Stage And Criminal Activity

From the streets in London Town where hooligans riot to the banisters in Spain where the earth trembles beneath an army of supporters that have all come out in support of their beloved heroes. It has no boundaries and it can’t be contained, sport carries a long history full of ups and downs propelled by one … Read more