Introducing You about the World’s Biggest Illegal Gambling Rings

With the bright lights, glitz and glamour, gambling has an incredibly exciting aura about it that could make anyone want to join the numerous people enjoying this popular and potentially lucrative pastime.

However, there are those that see it as an opportunity to make a quick buck, which is why we are now seeing a number of illegal gambling rings forming in back alleys of some of our biggest cities. Let’s take a look at the world’s biggest underground gambling rings, exactly how the came to life and the consequences of those who are involved in them.

Gambling Dens in Seoul

In a place like Seoul, where all gambling activities, from casinos to lotteries, are strictly prohibited, it is rather easy to see why the gambling that does go on there is underground. Strangely enough, however, you are allowed to gamble in Gangwon, a now abandoned mining district.

The casinos that you see in the major cities of Korea are only there for tourists to enjoy, hence the growing illegal gambling dens. May of 2016 saw the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency bust the biggest underground den they have ever shut down. In fact, it was said to have been running 70% of all of the illegal gambling that takes place in Seoul.

There were 2 main leaders that were caught, namely Yoon and his assistant Ahn, while a total of 7 criminals were arrested and as many as 70 who were charged for breaking the law.

Rosenthal and His Shady Scams

One of the most notorious names in gambling and sports betting, Frank Rosenthal was involved in a plethora of dodgy deals and crime syndicates, from fixing basketball games to running illegal gambling establishments in Las Vegas.

Frank started his life of crime on the bleachers at Wrigley Field as an avid Chicago Cubs fan before getting involved with the Mafia and a betting syndicate that would rip off supporters by fixing matches. He then got involved in the Chicago Outfit and soon found himself leading the biggest illegal gambling circle in the country.

Rosenthal was arrested a number of times for his endless acts of crime but managed to evade charges every time.

The Russian Revolt

Russia history is a fairly complicated one. Gambling was reintroduced after the Soviet Union fell, providing huge profits and a very prosperous industry. However Putin noticed the massive problem with addiction and decided to take some action by banning all gambling activities in the country and threatening to place those that didn’t listen in jail.

Unfortunately, it didn’t help all that much, with many establishments continuing to run illegally and the police actually taking bribes so that gambling dens could stay open. In 2010, however, a member of the Russian police said that greater action had been taken to stomp out gambling rings operating illegally, with 70 casinos squashed and over 4000 slot machines switched off.

Apparently, 600 illegal gamblers were brought to justice in the first 6 months of legislation, which is nothing short of impressive.