8 Ways People Cheat a Casino

8 Ways People Cheat a Casino

8 Ways in Which People Cheat the Casino 

There’s no doubt that the casino industry is big business, but cheating the casino is also very rewarding for those who manage to deceive the house. Thanks to heightened and improved security technology, cheating the casino is becoming harder by the day, but there are still those who manage to pull it off. Here are some of the ways in which scammers trick the casino.

  1. False Shuffle

The casino’s card dealer needs to be in on this scam in order for this to work. The dealer does a false shuffle in that they appear to shuffle the cards as usual, but actually leave a few cards in place. This allows the scammers involved, who have been tracking the cards, to know when the unshuffled cards will be dealt.


  1. Roulette Past Posting

A simple, but effective trick where scammers place their chips on the winning number after the ball has dropped in the roulette wheel. Generally one player will distract the dealer, while a second places his chips with his conspirator’s different coloured chips underneath, on the winning number. If the second player is caught, his chips will be removed, but the first player’s will remain.

  1. Slot Machine Bill Validator Device

The newest way to scam slot machines involves a small computer device that tricks the bill validator. The device is usually disguised by a $1 bill and has two prongs that are inserted into the bill validator. Once the prongs hit the contact point below the validator the slot machine will read any bill that’s inserted as a $100 bill. Unfortunately for the cheater, this could never work on online slots Canada!

  1. Hidden Camera Baccarat Scam

This scam requires a hidden camera up the sleeve of the cheater. When the player cuts the deck of cards, he or she takes the cut card and drags it over the top of the deck – slightly separating the cards from each other. The camera records the cards, and an accomplice watches and relays the info back to the cheater at the table via an earpiece.

  1. Card Switching

Card switching, or hand-mucking as it’s also known, has evolved from a simple sleight-of-hand trick to a hidden ‘holdout’ device. Gamblers use the device to hide a card up their sleeve and deposit it on the table and then remove and hide cards from the table.

  1. Hole Card Reading

Considered as an ‘advantage play’ as opposed to cheating much like card counting, hole card reading occurs when players in games like blackjack, three card poker, and Texas Hold’em try to spot the dealer’s hole card (the face down card) and use that information while playing the game.

  1. Dice Slide

Craps requires the tossing of dice down the table, but some cheaters have been known to slide the dice down the table without changing the number that he or she has selected to face up. The cheaters typically try to control only one die so the bouncing one gets the attention.

  1. Roulette Colour Up

This trick involves two players. The first player will buy a certain colour of low denomination roulette chips and slip some of them into his pocket. He then passes them off to the accomplice who hides them and returns to the same table and buys the same colour chips for a much higher denomination. After playing for a while, he cashes in the low denomination chips as high denomination chips.