Casino Security Myths

Casino Security – Leading The World

Casino security, both online and brick and mortar, are some of the best security in the world, barring perhaps the guys who surround the President of the United States. These casinos are on the forefront of technology, both cyber and physical, in order to keep patrons and casino staff safe and secure. Even when you play mobile Craps you can rest assured you are secure, safe and your money is not going to vanish- provided you choose a reliable and licenced casino of course! Here we look at a few casino security myths that we have debunked for your information.

Card Counting Is Illegal

We all know how it goes down in movies and at the casino with your jumpy friend. Those who even attempt to count cards are swiftly scooped up by large guys in suits and either deposited outside on the pavement, or more frighteningly, taken to a back office somewhere. The truth is that although it is highly frowned upon, counting cards is not illegal. It is very hard for anyone to see if a person is doing maths in their heads while playing a card game, unless of course, they are silly enough to win again and again, thus attracting the attention of the aforementioned big guys in suits.

Someone Is Monitoring Those Security Cameras To Decide Who Get The Payout

This simply is not true. Of course, those cameras are being monitored, but this is to ensure that no crime is happening and is for your safety. Electronic casino games run on random number generators, so no one can set them off or choose when they do pay out. Contrary to popular belief, there is no super switch that is designed to rain cash down on the chosen few.

The Whole Bathroom Stall Palaver

There is a persisting myth surrounding casino security and bathroom stalls. The story goes that certain bathroom stalls in casinos are revolving in order for security to be able to ferry both bodies and unwelcome clients quickly from the casino without being seen. This story is attached to a number of high profile brick and mortar casinos, and simply is not true. If you need to be removed for any reason, you go the same way as everyone else, though the front door.

If You Incur The Casino’s Wrath, You Will End Up In A Basement

These days, casino staff and security are friendly and well respected. Most casinos don’t even have basements unless you count parking basements. If you do manage to do something wrong, you will be assessed according to your crime and treated with firm respect provided that you comply. Small incursions will most likely see you being thrown out, possibly banned. Bigger, illegal crimes could get you sent via a cop car to the police station. Being beaten up in some back room somewhere only actually happens in the movies.

Online Gambling Is Not Secure

This cannot be stressed enough as to how untrue it is. Online gambling is one of the more secure financial institutions in the world. They have to be; otherwise, they would not get any clients and go out of business. In fact, online casino security is so good that other cyber based financial institutions such as large international banks have actually taken their systems and used them for themselves.