Definitive Online Gambling Legislation FAQ for Canada

Online casinos offer a seemingly endless array of options for the best in casino table games and online slots, but many Canadian players feel like they’re in the dark regarding the legality of online casino gambling. As such, we have put together this collection of Frequently Asked Questions regarding online casino gambling legislation in Canada.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Canada?

Each province in Canada is in charge of regulating gambling activities which take place within the province, and it is illegal to establish and operate an online casino within Canada’s border. Some provinces operate their own online casinos, but Canadians are not barred from making use of online casinos based and operated offshore.

Any Laws I Should Be Aware Of?

Most of the Canadian legislation regarding online casinos relates to the companies who own and operate the online gambling sites as opposed to the players themselves, and in this respect there is little for players to worry about. However, depending on which province you live in, it would be wise to keep an eye out for changing legislation.

Are Winnings Subject to Taxation?

All players are encourage to consult a local accountant or tax attorney for absolute clarification, but according to the Income Tax Act, a person in Canada winning a lottery prize or winning at a game of chance is not subject to income tax on those winnings. Canada’s taxation laws are similar to that of New Zealand in that online casino winnings, such as winnings from online blackjack, are not subject to taxation.

Online Gambling in CanadaWhich Canadian Provinces Are More Lenient?

There is unfortunately no one answer to this. Many provinces have introduced state regulated online gambling such as British Columbia, Quebec, and Ontario, but the legislation generally depends on which province you reside in.

Can I Still Play While Traveling?

This depends on which online casino sites you use, but most of the state-run online casinos block players from making use of their services while outside of the country’s borders. However, most international sites which accept players from Canada will allow access while travelling outside of the country, depending on where you are headed.

Gambling for Real Money the Only Option?

All online casinos allow players to enjoy “play money” versions of their software and many new players take advantage of this fact to check out the online casino games on offer before creating an account and making a deposit. There is no limit to how many games you can enjoy with “play money”, but you won’t be able to keep any winnings either.

How to Find a Reputable Online Casino?

Thanks to the nature of the internet there are literally hundreds of online casinos to choose from which can make the decision making process challenging. Do your research ahead of creating an account and making a deposit, and ensure that the online casino in question has a good reputation with multiple online casino review sites.

Is Online Gambling Better Than Live?

Being able to enjoy your favourite online casino games without having to travel to a land-based casino is both convenient and economical, and most online casinos offer a much wider selection of games than most land-based casinos could ever offer, thanks to space restrictions.