SSL Encryption Explained

If you have ever browsed online, there’s a good chance that you have noticed that sometimes, especially on website pages where you need to add personal information, there is a little “s” at the end of “HTTPS” in the URL bar. This “s” is part of the page’s security system, known as Secure Sockets Layer, and is a special type of online protocol developed to encrypt the data on a website so that an unauthorised party does not have access to the information on that site. SSL has been a major player in the online world for years, and many people will not trust a site that does not have the SSL encryption, which makes it an important part of the Internet experience for a huge portion of users.

For those that enjoy playing casino games online, one of the biggest concerns you may have is security, and the presence of the SSL protocol can both give you piece of mind and the validated assurance that all the information you have given to the casino is locked safely away from prying eyes. Whether you’re enjoying European Roulette or Canadian slots online, you don’t have to constantly worry about whether you could be hacked at any minute. But how does SSL work, and why have casinos chosen it as their preferred method of security?

How SSL Works

Casinos Use SSL SecurityLet’s say you want to connect to your casino; the first thing you will do is load up the website. Once you have clicked on the link to take you to the site, a request is sent to the server to load up the site, and the server requests that the site identifies itself before being loaded for the user. The site then sends an SSL certificate through to the server or the browser, which is then checked to ensure validation; in other words, to make sure that the certificate is legitimate and that it can be trusted.

Once either the browser or the server has verified all this, the certificate gets digitally signed, and the session is started for the user. This verification only needs to happen once during the session, meaning you do not need to constantly have the certificate constantly refreshed every time you load a new page on the site. This can also be the reason why some sites, such as casino sites, take a little bit longer to load than others, as there is another entire step that it needs to take before becoming available. Waiting the extra time is worth it, however, as it means that your data will be secure for the rest of the session.

Why Do Casinos Use SSL?

The main and most obvious reason is security, but why would a casino choose SSL instead of any other security method available online? Part of the reason is the widespread nature of SSL, and the fact that it has been a trusted part of secure browsing for decades. Casinos deal with a lot of sensitive information, and it can be detrimental to both the site and the player to have their personal and financial details leaked online for cyber-criminals to exploit.

A casino that ensures it has all the right certificates regarding security means that the end user can feel more confident on that site, and has a better chance of actually staying with the site and spending money. Security is one of the most important factors when you want to transfer any sum of your own money online, and SSL is the wall that keeps your money safe.