What Security Do Casinos Need?

Casinos are in the market of making people’s dreams come true and, to do this, they have a lot of money on hand so that when people win big, they can immediately cash in their winnings.  Unfortunately, this makes casinos a target for would-be thieves as well as less-than-scrupulous players who want to cheat the house and take home more than they actually win.

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How To Improve A Casino Account’s Security

The world of online gambling has made it easier than ever for players to enjoy their favourite games without needing to head out into the world, which has become quite dangerous in recent times. Better instead to stay at home and make use of the power of modern technology, which allows us to simply play whatever we want. But even in the online world, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on our personal and financial information, as there are people from around the world constantly trying to make money at the expense of others. Fortunately, securing an online account is easy and can be done in a few minutes.

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Real Card Counting Basics Explained

Watch any movie that involves card counting and the process is generally portrayed as some sort of incredible mental mind magic. The depiction will often involve some or other smart person staring intently, performing unexplained mental acrobatics, then, like magic, they will suddenly win their hand. They will continue to win, again and again, until getting kicked out of the casino.

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How To Tell If Someone Is Counting Cards

Card counting has been around for as long as people have been betting on card games. In the casino industry, it’s usually done in the Blackjack series of games as this is where it becomes the most effective. However, it is quite the talent. The player has to remember large lists of numbers and odds based on the cards left in the deck, plus the exact list of cards that have already been played. All of this needs to be done while continuing to play as if you have the same information as every other player at the table.

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Exploring the Challenges of Casino Security

Casinos form a very unique class of entertainment facility, and because of this, they tend to have a much wider set of security issues than many other venues. Gambling venues’ security concerns are also often unique to these environments, especially because they house substantial amounts of cash and a variety of opportunities through which criminals can achieve their plans.

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Assessing the Risks of Online Gambling

Internet fraud is at an all-time high today, and real money gambling websites are a veritable paradise for web criminals. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that many people don’t trust online casinos with their money, their personal information, or even their patronage – but are they correct? Can you actually trust online gaming … Read more

Facial Recognition in Casinos

Facial recognition can be defined as taking pictures of faces and then comparing these images digitally to pictures in a criminal database.  Casinos have been using this technology for a while now, and establishments like the Trump Plaza, Trump Marina and Trump Taj have all been known to harness it to the best of its capabilities.  Security in casinos have said that technology has helped them keep criminals out of their establishments, and that is has been effective in stopping criminals from taking advantage of casinos.

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The Ins and Outs of Casino Encryption

Encryption is one of the most essential features in a secure and rewarding online casino experience. With so many cyber criminals and elaborate scams on the web today, players and iGaming brands must be ever-careful to protect their personal data wherever possible.

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3 Lucky and Unlucky Colours and Superstitions

Spare a thought for the colour blind, as they’ll never know if they are lucky or unlucky! Colours have long been tied to luck, and there are several beliefs and superstitions that surround them. If you’ve never given much thought to red, yellow and green. now is the time, as it turns out that these … Read more

Modern Casino Security Technologies

Technologies Modern Casinos Employ

At the end of the day, a casino is a business, and those that want to ensure their business stays profitable, especially in an environment that has millions of dollars worth of cash in constant rotation, it’s important that casino owners stay up to date on the latest security technologies on the market. 

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