3 Lucky and Unlucky Colours and Superstitions

Spare a thought for the colour blind, as they’ll never know if they are lucky or unlucky! Colours have long been tied to luck, and there are several beliefs and superstitions that surround them. If you’ve never given much thought to red, yellow and green. now is the time, as it turns out that these … Read more

Modern Casino Security Technologies

Technologies Modern Casinos Employ

At the end of the day, a casino is a business, and those that want to ensure their business stays profitable, especially in an environment that has millions of dollars worth of cash in constant rotation, it’s important that casino owners stay up to date on the latest security technologies on the market. 

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The Future of Online Casino Security

The Future of Online Casino Security The online casino world is changing. As millennials take up the mantle as the primary earners for the next few decades, there has been a gradual shift as more and more online operators scramble to gain the attention of a generation that isn’t as interested in online gambling as … Read more

Exploring Online Casino Safety and Security

Exploring Online Casino Safety and Security We have all heard the horror stories: someone entered their financial information into a website and next thing they know all their bank accounts are empty. Stories such as these make people nervous and with good reason – you should always, without a doubt, be careful when sharing your … Read more


Who Is eCOGRA and What Does Their Approval Mean to You eCOGRA stands for eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. It is a UK based internationally recognised, approved and accredited certification agency, which provides standards for online gambling and protection of players. The question is, what does that mean to you, the player? The organisation, … Read more

Modern Casino Security

The World of Modern Casino Security We’ve seen it in books, film, and video games: the casino heist. An elaborate plan to break into a high tech casino and loot the millions upon millions of cash held inside the vaults. There will often be a breakdown of the heist, including different ways to bypass the … Read more

Casino Security Breaches In the Spotlight

Casino Security Breaches In the Spotlight More instances of land based casino security violations showed up this month. In one of the more high profile incidents, legendry rapper and television personality, Flavour Flav was attacked at South Point Casino in Las Vegas. The attack on the 58 year old was filmed and soon spread on … Read more

The Future For Modern Casino Security

An Uncertain Future For Modern Casino Security Casino Security has become a hot button issue in recent weeks as more and more eyes are focused on the industry following the Mandalay Bay mass shooting which left 58 people dead and sent shockwaves through the US. Casino Security faces big challenges that may not be so … Read more

Personal And Financial Casino Information Storage

The Storage of Personal and Financial Information Every day, hundreds of thousands of people across the globe upload vast quantities of personal and financial information to the Internet. Whether it’s in the form of online shopping, buying video games, or enjoying casino games, more than likely a user will be required to give some information … Read more

Casino Security Myths

Casino Security – Leading The World Casino security, both online and brick and mortar, are some of the best security in the world, barring perhaps the guys who surround the President of the United States. These casinos are on the forefront of technology, both cyber and physical, in order to keep patrons and casino staff … Read more