The Most Common Online Security Flaws

For the most part, online casinos do everything they can to ensure that their users’ information and credentials are stored safely away from any prying eyes. This requires a fair amount of setting up, as websites need to be tweaked and altered constantly to make sure that they have the latest security features.

This doesn’t always work out as planned, however, whether it’s due to an unknown security loophole or a lack of attention on behalf of the casino operating the site. Whatever the case, these are the most common security flaws found through online casinos and how they get exploited almost every single day.

SSL Certification

In order for a modern website to successfully keep user information as safe as possible, SSL certification is needed. An SSL certification is a special type of certification that shows that a website is up to date with the latest security, and that all information is locked away from anyone that doesn’t have the right login details. The problem, however, is that the people running the site are fully responsible for renewing those certificates, which only last about a year, and sometimes it’s something that gets completely overlooked. When the SSL certificate has expired, anyone that has access to the site will be able to modify its contents as well as capture any information that’s added, such as credit card information.

Poor Use of Passwords

Security begins at the screen of the admin that’s running the site, and many would be surprised to learn how many admins and staff don’t really care about good password practice. In fact, it’s extremely common for people to simply write their password on a sticky note and stick it to their monitors. This is obviously a bad idea for anyone with common sense, but it’s a serious problem in the online world that has led to plenty of data theft. Casinos are fully responsible for ensuring that their staff are trained and know how to use passwords properly, while also making sure their players are always up to date and have the latest ideal playing mode. This can mean having mandatory password changes every six months, along with using two factor authentication and other modern security standards.

Phishing Emails

A phishing email is one sent by a malicious party that will often look like an email sent from an official site. These emails will use some kind of Call To Action, or CTA, to try and get the user to click the link, which will almost always take them to a fake site that’s designed to look like the real thing. Here, the user will be prompted to enter their login details, which are then stolen and used to access their real account. Phishing emails are arguably one of the biggest problems in the online world right now and affect millions of people every day. The only way to really combat this kind of email is for the casino to maintain a set of client help functions that allow their users to log a complaint and have their account frozen as quickly as possible to avoid any information theft.