Security Controls Casinos Use To Prevent Underage Gambling

All around the world, both online casinos and their land-based counterparts are ramping up their controls to protect underage players. While many countries only allow players who are over the age of 18 to gamble using machines, at card tables or online, all too often younger players slip through the cracks. This vulnerable players are susceptible to gambling related harm. In order to prevent this casinos and governments around the globe are working together to implement a number of measures to prevent underage gambling and better protect players. Let’s take a closer look at some of those measures.

Manual Age Verification

A number of casinos and gambling retail outlets do manual age verification of any player they suspect may be underage. However this has method has a number of shortcomings with many younger players never having their age questioned at gambling halls and play centres.

That is why some casinos have introduced mandatory identification checks where all players need to provide proof of identification before entering the facility. Should it be found that an underage player has been allowed to play, these facilities run the risk of being shut down by the government. However, with this still being a manual process, this method requires intensive training for staff working at these facilities.

Automatic Gaming Authentication

The human factor that causes underage players to slip through manual identification checks at casinos, has caused some industry leaders and governments to look towards automatic machine based verification. This method requires players at slot machines to identify themselves before play using a linked bank or player card or through the use of an app on their mobile device.

While this form of identification is becoming more and more commonplace, until it is enforced by law, a variety of operators are offering additional incentives to players who identify themselves in this way. These incentives can included bonuses or exclusive access to some of the latest games.

Responsible Gambling Software

A variety of responsible gambling software is available to casino operators looking to better protect players. This tools use artificial intelligence, neuroscience and neuroimaging to better protect players through 24/7 monitoring. Through tracking individual player behaviour the software can help to identify potential problem gamblers and players who may be at risk.

Similar software solutions are also available to players themselves who can use the tools provided as a way to easily control their own gambling behaviours. This comes as players easily keep track of how much money they have spent, their losses and winnings and their time spent either at real life casinos or playing online. This makes playing online all the more stress-free, as you have total control over your activities.

Limiting Advertising

Another way in which casinos can prevent underage gambling is through limiting their advertising. Lately, there has been a big crackdown on advertising regulations within the gambling industry. Many countries have introduced a limit on advertising on television and radio except in small windows in the early mornings. A number of restrictions have also been placed on sports sponsorships which includes in-stadium adverts and sports team and league branding by gambling companies.