What Are The Most Trendy Online Casino Games?

Although we have truly left 2020  behind us, COVID-19 has not left us for good yet. And although we were hoping that 2021 would bring us back a semblance of ‘normality’ we are not entirely there yet and still have to avoid crowded public places while maintaining social distancing.

As casinos require their patrons to all gather in a particular room in order to enjoy their particular game of choice, many avid casino players have decided to rather stay at home as opposed to going out to crowded venues and risk contracting COVID-19.

But the good news is that wanting to stay safe does not mean that that players of casino games have to give up playing altogether – they can easily start playing online. So, in this article, we have a look at some of the most popular casino games that people enjoy playing online.

Video Slots

In any land-based casino, one game that you will always find is slot machines. These require no skill at all – as poker does – and whether or not players win really just depends on the proverbial luck of the draw.

Online casinos are no exception with the majority offering players the opportunity to play online pokies. As they are the simplest of casino games to play, they are the most popular. Video slots offer more excitement than traditional slots do as they boast spectacular animation and life-like graphics.

Video Poker

By far, one of the most trendy online casino games is video poker as this game can actually give players a positive expectation given that they make use of proper strategy during the game.

Video poker is based upon a five-card draw and only consists of two rounds – the deal and the draw.  As players are given five cards at random, from a 52-card deck, they are able to predict the probability of them getting a perfect hand.


Blackjack is a greatly popular casino game in both land-based casinos as well as their online counterparts. The online version of the game provides an interesting number of variants and players are able to overcome the house edge by using the best odds and strategies when they play.


Like slots that you spin for real money, roulette is a game of pure chance. If you are feeling lucky, you very well could win big, however, if something is niggling at the back of your mind – or you forgot your lucky rabbit’s foot at home – chances are quite good that you could lose, and lose big time.

As one of the oldest casino games out there, you can choose to play either American, French, or European roulette. Make sure that you are very much up to speed with the different strategies that you can use before you make your first bet.


Not one which is seen widely in land-based casinos, but is a hugely popular online casino game, is Keno. This is a lottery-style game that is easy to learn and quick to start playing.