5 Most Infamous Celebrity Gamblers

We’ve all found ourselves envying the lifestyles of the rich and famous time and time again. It’s glamourous, thrilling and something that we’re yet to experience. When it comes to high rollers at casinos or our favourite celebrities, there’s something about the lavish way in which they live that makes us green with jealousy.

Of course, that paired with a “money is no object” mentality is quite a dangerous combination, something that has made headlines on numerous occasions. So, when it comes to infamous celebrity gamblers, who is the most notorious?

  1. Charlie Sheen

When it comes to lists about notorious or infamous celebrity, you can almost always guarantee that Charlie Sheen will make the cut. Not only is he an avid gambler, but he’s also been known to publicly deal with alcoholism, drug abuse and mental issues.

During the time of these public battles, he often placed huge wagers, which were later brought to light during his divorce from Denise Richards.

  1. John Montagu, the Earl of Sandwich

This famous British statesman not only invented the sandwich by putting his meal between two slices of bread but was also quite the gambler. He often refused to leave the table to eat, so his servants had to bring him thinly sliced meat between two slices of bread to satisfy his hunger while giving him the ability to continue playing.

So, the next time you eat a BLT or cheesy sandwich, think about the “hard work” that went into inventing the snack.

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  1. Toby Maguire

Spiderman has been known to enjoy the odd poker game here and there – so much so that he started competing in tournaments in 2004. He eventually went on to join Molly Bloom’s underground poker ring and that’s where his problems started.

Molly’s Game, a film based on the poker ring, featured a character based off of Toby – from Molly’s perspective. According to her, he was a horrible tipper and even worse loser, however, he was one of the best players.

  1. Ben Affleck

Another superhero with a love of poker. Batman, or Ben Affleck if you wish, played poker for many years before giving blackjack a shot, which is where he started making headlines for gambling.

In 2014, Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas accused Ben Affleck of cheating and banned him. If you ask Ben about it, he’ll tell you that he was too good, and that the casino didn’t want him to walk away with that much cash.

  1. Arnold Rothstein

Back in the 1920s, Arnold Rothstein – or the Brain – was a businessman, gambler and racketeer that eventually became a mob kingpin. He is famous for fixing sporting events; it’s even believed that he fixed the 1919 World Series.

Things got even more scandalous for him in 1928 when he was shot for around $4.5 million in poker debt that he refused to pay. This is probably how the rich stay rich – or attempt to anyway.

It’s All In A Day’s Work

You may think that celebs have it all, so why put it all on the line? Well, for some, it’s the thrill of beating the odds and winning big. In other cases, it’s about showing off their skill and invincibility. Whatever their reason may be, it makes for a great news story.