Infamous Criminals in Sporting History

Infamous Criminals in Sporting History

I’m no FBI profiler -I simply could not tell you why certain athletes turn into hardened criminals, but I am guessing it has something to do with being millionaires at a very tender age, outfitted with a veritable army of enablers, and far too much free time.

Most professional players do great things with the magnificent opportunities a career in sport offers, but some blow their earnings, and others literally ruin their lives. So, the next time you are on the verge of taking the top prize home when you spend some time at the Lucky Nugget casino online has available, heed these warnings and resolve to spend your time and money well!

The Antics of Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson is a former professional basketball player who ended up spending four months behind bars.

It is difficult to make it through high school without getting into a fight or two: hormones are in overdrive, kids are awful, and, as a minor, the law can’t touch you. Usually. There is a limit, however, and Allen Iverson managed to find it.

Whilst completing his senior year, Iverson flipped a few chairs over, and split a lip or two during a bowling alley brawl, and, as a result he received a five-year prison sentence. No jokes.

The subsequent scandal and obvious racist overtones -none of the white teenagers who were involved in the incident were even arrested, let alone charged – led to Iverson getting pardoned by Governor Douglas Wilder. Alas, instead of taking his second chance and running with it, Iverson simply got himself arrested a couple more times, and although he made millions in the league, he spend most of it on silly things.

Plaxico Burress Runs With Scissors

Plaxico Burress, the former American football wide receiver, was charged with attempted criminal possession of a weapon, and ended up spending two years behind bars.

Also, were it not for Burress, we would not know how dangerous it is to carry a loaded gun in our sweatpants. So we have that to thank him for.

While out partying at some nightclub or another, the receiver for the Jets inadvertently fired a round into his own leg when the gun he was carrying slid out of his elastic waistband.  Go figure! A witness reported hearing a loud pop and turned around to see a clearly wounded Burress. She later reported that all Burress did was ask to be taken to hospital, albeit whilst standing in a pool of his own blood.

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The Least of Burress’ Problems

Unluckily, the self-inflicted gunshot wound was the least of Burress’ problems. New York has some of the harshest laws regarding concealed weapons in the whole country, and he was sent to complete two years in the slammer.

The Moral of the Story

As these athletes were kind enough to show us, we need to keep perspective, and ensure our feet are on the ground when it comes to any kind of windfall! No one is above the law, and handling our income responsibly is good for us and those around us, as well.