Casino Security Breaches In the Spotlight

Casino Security Breaches In the Spotlight

More instances of land based casino security violations showed up this month. In one of the more high profile incidents, legendry rapper and television personality, Flavour Flav was attacked at South Point Casino in Las Vegas. The attack on the 58 year old was filmed and soon spread on social media.

The suspect was named as Ugandi Howard. The assailant claimed that Flav insulted his mother. Howard knock Flav down and then started kicking him on the ground. Casino security was on the scene almost instantly and detained the suspect until the police arrived to charge the man.

Fortunately a bystander stepped in immediately to restrain the man as he attacked Flav. Flav is currently in Las Vegas to scout and promote a new project called Flavour Flav’s Las Vegas. The project is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter with a goal of raising $150 000.

Macau Faces Staff Challenges

This follows an incident a few weeks ago in a Macau casino. Macau is one of the world’s biggest gambling hubs, rivalling Vegas and Monte Carlo as one of the most iconic places to make real money wagers.

While this autonomous region that is technically part of china has a relatively safe and reliable reputation, there can be gang related violence, criminal activity and other unsavoury practices. This recent news however saw the croupier and the security guard at a casino charged with theft after they worked together to make $6 million in gambling chips disappear.

The industrious pair stole the chips from one of the VIP gaming rooms where Hong Kong high rollers would drop millions on bets at as time. It is highly likely that these two thought that the amount of money they see being won and lost would mean that these high rollers wouldn’t even miss a few chips, but they were wrong.

An Issue Of Trust

It is a big knock for customer confidence when you can’t rely on casino staff to be trustworthy, especially if they are playing real money slots. Players already face land-based casino’s high house edge, and now they must battle staff as well?

The two employees were aged 49 and 70, making it hard to be too mad at them. They paint a romantic picture of two down on their luck men who are making one last go at it before they become too old. Additionally they worked at Steve Wynn’s Wynn Macau, adding a layer of patriotism as well as they chose to rob an American casino instead of a local Chinese one.

So far the croupier has admitted guilt, but refuses to announce where the chips are located. The security guard, who is the croupier’s uncle however denies any wrong doing in the case. From the croupier’s account he simply went into the VIP room at 7 am when it is quite and removed the chips from his table. The VIP area is one of the few rooms in the casino that does not feature CCTV.