A Guide To Canada’s Gambling Laws

The Future Of Canada’s Gambling Laws

Gambling is a pastime enjoyed the world over, and while it has seen major changes in regulation and law among many countries in recent years, Canada is one of the few that has, for the most part, allowed its citizens to gamble as freely as they want to. In fact, gambling has become such an important part of the culture and the economy that it can be found everywhere, from international airports to lonely petrol stations.

Not only is it incredibly popular around the country, but it has also had a major impact on Canada’s economy; generating billions in revenue and providing jobs for over 300000 people from provinces all over the great north.

No laws are static, however, and just like any sector or industry in the country, regulation is constantly undergoing change and evolution, and this no different for the gambling laws that are currently in place in Canada. As the online gambling casino scene continues to grow, more and more state officials are looking into changing the laws that control how gambling is utilized by citizens, with some of these changes already on the horizon.

The Laws At The Moment

The government in Canada has long held a decentralised standpoint when it comes to any form of gambling, which means that it allows its individual provinces to decide their own regulations, which also means laws are different depending on the province in question. The most important name in gambling at the moment is, “iGaming” which involves all online gaming and casinos. This also makes it extremely profitable for the provinces that have decided to capitalise on this.

Quebec was the first provinces to start selling licences to gambling operators, and it quickly become an extremely successful venture. This has led to many other provinces wanting in the action, and within the next few years we could see other provinces selling their own gambling licences, making it that much bigger in the country.

Changing of Regulation

The success of online gambling in the country has seen a spread of popularity that has reached out to all corners of Canada. Provinces like Ontario, Manitoba, and Alberta are currently altering many of their online gambling policies, making it possible for new providers to begin offering services from within those provinces. Not only will this have a strong impact on the growth of online gambling within Canada, but will undoubtedly have a knock-on effect as more provinces join in on the action.

What The Future Holds

For the time being, we can expect the gambling industry in the country to continue to grow as more and more officials fight to have more regulation changed. The only governing body that is still not quite on the same level right now is the federal government, which has lagged behind as the Internet has sped along without stopping.

Due to how profitable online gambling is, however, we can expect the federal government to begin making changes to make gambling in the country more accessible to both provinces and their citizens.