The Fascinating Truth about Casino Crime

The Fascinating Truth about Casino Crime

It may come as a surprise to find out that most of the criminal acts committed inside of casino don’t actually have anything to do with gambling itself. For example, ten casinos located in Pennsylvania, a northeastern state in the America, reported that, as far as theft was concerned, these acts were related to wallets and purses being stolen from customers within the casino’s walls. These kinds of crimes far outweighed the likes of attempts to pass counterfeit money and acts of forgery. Part of the reason for this is the fact that gambling machines have been modernised the way they have been. It is simply not that easy to steal from the house anymore!

Modern Machines are Almost Impossible to Rig

Modern, automated slots machines are almost impossible to rig. This is part of the reason the Aristocrat pokies online casinos make available are becoming more popular each year as well. As far as land-based places to play go, when you add this to the ubiquitous surveillance they employ, you will find that this is why cheating in this fashion is falling away.

There are exceptions however -back in 2009, three men managed to make use of a glitch in software to make off with over US$400 000. This is not the norm, however, by any means.

How Casinos Keep Criminals at Bay

Most casinos these days have agents patrolling the floors at all times, sniffing out signs of unscrupulous activity. These agents undergo extensive training as far as the rules and games that take place within the casinos are concerned, and can spot illegal activity very quickly.

A veteran casino consultant based in Las Vegas reported that the first time criminals surface is usually at the venue’s opening, and these are most likely to be drug dealers that are looking to launder money at the busy slots machines and crowded game tables.

The Scam Artists Circulating

There are additionally professional gambling scam artists that circulate the country, and casino security is also required to handle these more trained criminals.

The scams vary as far as their approach and sophistication is concerned, but the most common ones included snatching the cash vouchers sometimes left behind in machines and trying to mark cards. There are also high-tech cheats that make use electronic devices inserted into slots machines that trick the machine into thinking that legitimate currency is being used.

Be Aware of the Seriousness of Casino Crime

Many people are oblivious to just how serious casino crime is, and you are warned to be aware that even an innocent misunderstanding can result in your facing charges. If you write a bad cheque, for example, no matter how mistakenly, the casino will almost always issue a warrant for your arrest. If you fail to pay casino markers, you can also face serious consequences.

In Ohio, for instance, the penalties for casino crimes can include costly fines, incarceration, lengthy probation periods, as well as court costs and additional fees. If you are accused of any kind of criminal activity in a casino, contact legal representation immediately.