Illegal Sports Betting Markets

Illegal Sports Betting Markets 

Wherever there is betting, there will be illegal betting. Sports betting is particularly prone to this as there are so many things that one can bet on. Of course, there is legal betting on legal sports, as well as illegal betting on legal sports, but in this article, we have a look at illegal betting on illegal sports.

Cock Fighting

Rife in underdeveloped countries, this particular form of blood sport actually goes back thousands of years to before humans were nearly as civilized as we are today. The sport involves two Gamecocks or male fowl. Often normal chickens can be used, but specially bred fighting cocks can be found in many rings and can be worth a lot of money.

The combs and wattles of fighting cocks are cut off in order to give their opponents less to grab on to. The birds are also conditioned for strength and stamina in order to in top form. Sometimes metal blades are attached to the bird’s natural spurs to inflict more damage. Ultimately the fight ends when one cock is killed or critically injured. Betting on the sport is fast and furious and although illegal, still takes place in many countries either underground or in the open.

Street Racing

Popularised in many modern movies, street racing is nonetheless a dangerous sport in which many people get killed. It can be found in pretty much every country in the world and has a significant subculture attached to it. Street racing can be bet on at the actual race itself, and in some cases, via online individuals, if you are not able to make the event.

Today’s modern technology has taken not only the sport itself but the betting aspects of it into new realms as it is now much easier to be connected to participants and events. One of the most common forms of betting is between the drivers themselves who race for pink slips, or the ownership of the cars in the race.


As with cockfighting, this is an underground blood sport that has been banned in most countries. Dog fighting rings are huge, however, and despite authorities’ tireless efforts to disband them they keep popping up. The money that goes into dog fighting attracts many affluent members of society who not only bet on the fights but enter dogs in them as well.

Dog fighting has led to a string of lesser crimes such as the stealing of family pets to use as bait to train fighting dogs. Fights are organized by shady underground organizations and sill happen on a frequent basis in first world countries such as America and Australia. The dogs often fight to the death, and those that do survive but are beaten are often left to starve or thrown away. Online blackjack for real money is a much better option, and a much less cruel.

Fight Club

We have all seen the movie (I hope). The number one rule of fight club is don’t talk about fight club. This is for the very good reason that fight club is illegal. Much like the other blood sports mentioned here, illegal street fighting, be it underground or in the open, is illegal. People get hurt, there are no regulations and betting is, of course, conducted illegally. That doesn’t stop it happening, however. At least with this illegal bloosport, the entrants have a choice, most of the time. There are rumours about even more black market fighting between unwilling men who are taken in much the same way as Roman gladiators were, but as this is just speculation let’s hope the rumours are false.