The Safety of Sports Betting Online

Online Sports Betting – How Safe Is It?

Sports betting is one of the oldest forms of gambling in the world, and it can trace its roots back to as early as the Roman Empire, but evidence exists that its even older than that. It’s age is a testament to resilience, showing that people have enjoyed sports betting for thousands of years, and continue to do so to this day. Sports betting in recent years has changed dramatically, and instead of having to find the local dealer to wager on a game, bettors now to turn to the online world for all their betting needs.

We all know that the online world isn’t exactly safe; cyber criminals lurk in every corner of the web, and there are plenty of horror stories of people losing all their money due to some security loophole that someone was able to exploit. But in an age of modern anti-virus and advanced Egyptian technology, how safe is it really to bet on the latest game of soccer, and is it any safer than betting on something like

Where Online Money Sits

Online e-wallets are a good place to start when trying to understand where money sits after it’s been deposited online, as these are often what major sports betting sites use to store money. The first thing that any sports betting site will make a new bettor do is create an account. This is where the financial and personal information of that person will be held. The next thing the person will need to do is deposit a sum of money into that account. That money isn’t then magically converted into hard cash that’s stored in an airtight vault somewhere – everything is digital, and that’s how it remains even after it’s been locked up.

Money stored online is most often kept in a part of the Internet called the deep web. Not to be confused with the dark web – which is the part of the web where illegal activities occur – the deep web is instead a massive pool of information that can’t be accessed by most people, and it’s where websites store much of their information, and often where money is stored. Access to the deep web is virtually impossible to the average person, and to get to someone’s money that has been locked away; the person would need the right passwords and keys.

Is The Money Safe?

The safety of anyone’s individual account is often tied in to how vigilant that person is. Any site that practises legitimate business, and ensures that it maintains all the latest security protocols, will keep its accounts as safe as possible. If the person using the account does not use strong passwords, or logs into the account from a public computer, the chances of that account becoming infiltrated are much higher.

Above and beyond a strong password, a good anti-virus is also recommended. It’s easy for malware to infect a computer, and in the case of malware like keyloggers, which can save the passwords that people type, an anti-virus can stop this from happening.

If the right precautions are taken, and the user maintains good security, online sports betting can be both safe and reliable.