Exploring Online Casino Safety and Security

Exploring Online Casino Safety and Security

We have all heard the horror stories: someone entered their financial information into a website and next thing they know all their bank accounts are empty. Stories such as these make people nervous and with good reason – you should always, without a doubt, be careful when sharing your personal information online. Its for this reason that many people are nervous about signing up with online casinos as they feel it puts them at greater risk, however reputable online casinos go to great lengths (and spend a lot of money) to ensure that their sites are secure and that their players are not vulnerable to outside threats. Here’s how they make this happen.

Secure Sockets Layer Encryption

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption is a standard security technology used by online casinos to ensure secure communication between two points across the Internet. Normally, data sent across the internet – for example between a browser and a web server – is sent in plain text which leaves you vulnerable to outside threats, however SSL encryption creates a secure line between you and the casino, protecting your personal and financial information.

Now that we have discussed how online casinos keep you safe from outside threats, let’s talk about how you can ensure that the actual casino isn’t the threat you should be wary of.

Random Number Generators

Random Number Generators (RNGs) are the basis of a secure and fair online casino, as without this technology you would have no way of knowing that the casino games you intend on enjoying are fair. Owing to the fact that online casinos make use of virtual slot reels for pokies New Zealand and decks of cards, RNG software ensures that each result is a completely random event, entirely independent from the one that come before. Reputable and reliable online casinos will provide readily available information about their RNGs and employ independent companies to test and verify the software.

Third Party Testing and Regulatory Bodies

In order for reputable online casinos to maintain their licenses, they must regularly submit their games and systems to third party regulators for auditing. Two of the most well-known and highly regarded third party online casino regulators are eCOGRA and TST.

  • ECOGRA (short for e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) is a globally recognised organisation that audits and monitors online casino operators. Accredited online casinos display the eCOGRA seal on their sites and players can click on the seal to view more information regarding which aspect of the casino’s operation have been tested or audited by eCOGRA.
  • TST (short for Technical Systems Testing) is a Canadian company that provides a variety of auditing services to reliable online casinos. TST is recognised as one of the most reliable testing and compliance organisations in the industry.

Online Casino Licensing

Every reputable and reliable online casino will have a license issued by a credible gambling jurisdiction. Three of the most highly-regarded licensing bodies who ensure online casino security are the United Kingdom, Malta, and the Isle of Man, and online casinos have to submit their games and systems to third party regulators for frequent auditing in order to maintain their licenses to operate. You should never play at an online casino that operates without a license as you will have no way of knowing that their systems are secure and that their games are fair.