Illegal Sports Betting Markets

Illegal Sports Betting Markets  Wherever there is betting, there will be illegal betting. Sports betting is particularly prone to this as there are so many things that one can bet on. Of course, there is legal betting on legal sports, as well as illegal betting on legal sports, but in this article, we have a … Read more

The NFL Bet Fixing History

The NFL Fix  In the good old US of A sports betting is only legal in the state of Nevada, which creates an amazing legal income revenue stream for Nevada. With much conspiracy surrounding the legal sports betting, just imagine how much illegal betting is happening across the country! While the National Football league vigorously … Read more

Pete Rose

Famous Sports Betting Scandals from Recent Years

In 2013, Europol, the European Union’s Joint police body, reported that it had found examples of nearly 700 soccer games around the world whose results seemed suspicious. The high number aside, the allegations of match fixing were unsurprising thanks to the low-scoring nature and commonality of soccer around the world which makes it an easier … Read more

Sports Betting and Crime

Has Sports Betting Made Criminal Activity Easier?

While the majority of sports betting establishments offer a world of thrills, hair-raising competition and unceasing entertainment, there is a large number that have unfortunately experienced a flood of criminal activity in their midst. It makes sense, considering the amount of money there is and the number of desperate individuals looking to bring in massive … Read more

The Dog Fighting Arena in Australia

The Dog Fighting Arena

Wagering on activities with an uncertain outcome has long been at the forefront of man’s curiosity.  It’s the debate of the unknown, the silence in between, the definitive moment that gives justice to the final outcome.  The outlying activities have been receiving more and more attention as of late due to the profitable earnings in … Read more

Crime In Sport

The World Stage And Criminal Activity

From the streets in London Town where hooligans riot to the banisters in Spain where the earth trembles beneath an army of supporters that have all come out in support of their beloved heroes. It has no boundaries and it can’t be contained, sport carries a long history full of ups and downs propelled by one … Read more

Illegal Sports Betting Crime

How Does Illegal Sports Betting Take Place?

The biggest setback to the close relationship between sports and betting has come in the form of illegal sports betting. Unfortunately the illegal sports betting industry has grown not only in revenue, but also in reach, and this has recently brought about concerns over how the growth of this illegal industry could affect the outcome … Read more

Link between Organised Crime and Horse Racing

The Link Between Organised Crime and Horse Racing

Criminal organisations have long been drawn to horse racing. Whether they are actual fans of the sport remains to be proven, but horse racing offers them ample opportunity to ‘wash’ their dirty money and generate further income in the process. However, this isn’t the only type of crime that has been linked to horse racing, … Read more