A Glance at Unanticipated Casino Threats and Crimes

With thousands of casinos operating all over the world, as well as online and mobile casinos, the gambling industry is at an all-time high and it’s showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. As the casino industry has progressed, so has the software and security used to operate the industry, which has made successful casino crime much more challenging. However, it should never be said that criminals and fraudsters are not inventive as some unanticipated threats and crimes have come to pass in recent years.

Using Counterfeit Money and Forgery

What do you do if you have no money to gamble with? Well, you could just print some surely? Counterfeit money has long been associated with casinos and some of the most successful forgers have managed to fool even the most advanced banking equipment. This has led to an increase in the development of counterfeit money detection software and most casinos spend thousands of dollars on this equipment to ensure that all the money that passes through their cashiers is 100% legitimate.

Theft of Wallets and Purses

The theft of wallets and purses, or pickpocketing may seem like a petty crime, but considering the fact that many players draw cold hard cash to exchange for chips or load onto casino cash card, it suddenly doesn’t seem so petty. Many casinos have in the last few years reported the number of thefts as far outweighing the number of cases of forgery and counterfeiting, leading to an increase in security personnel on the casino floor.

Exploiting Software Glitches

While it may be difficult to exploit software glitches at online casino and sports betting websites like mentioned with rating here, there have been several cases of fraudsters taking advantage of software glitches at land-based casinos. Modern, automated slot machines and other gambling machines are practically impossible to rig, but this didn’t stop 3 men from taking advantage of a software glitch in 2009. They managed to steal over $430,000 from a casino over several weeks, and one of the criminals even posed as a high-roller with his accomplice posing as his bodyguard!

Money Laundering for Organized Crime

The link between organised crime and casinos has long since been firmly established, as many organised crime networks have been known to own and operate highly lucrative casinos. However, what may not have been as anticipated is the number of criminals that use busy slot machines and crowded gambling tables to launder money generated from illegal activities. In fact, one casino security expert has stated that the first players to surface when a new casino opens are drug dealers and those involved in organised crime.

Networks of Travelling Scam Artists

There are several networks of seasoned scam artists who travel cross country from casino to casino, and security personnel have had to receive further training in order to identity these scammers. The scams vary, but most scams include stealing cash cards out of machines while players aren’t paying attention, marking cards, using hi-tech hidden cameras to identity a clear substance spread on cards, or inserting electronic devices into a gambling machine to fool the machine into thinking that currency has been received.

Casino Crime could Get You Jail Time

Players should also be aware that misunderstandings, however innocent, could also result in criminal charges. If you write the casino a bad check, or skip out on a bill, it’s likely that the casino will issue a warrant for your arrest. Depending on which country the crimes take place, players found cheating the casino or committing fraud could face hefty fines, lengthy probation periods, or jail time.