The Strangest Gambling Laws Ever

Gambling is among the oldest and most popular pastimes that’s been a part of civilisation for thousands of years. Humans have always been fascinated by the concept of probability, and the idea of possibly winning money or other valuables through chance is extremely appealing to most people around the world. Gambling has become a commonality in both developed and developing countries throughout the globe, and most governments have put a lot of effort into creating laws and guidelines to keep gambling in check.

But sometimes those laws can be a little strange, as we’ll see with the following examples.

  1. Gambling In a Library

The UK is known for its many strange laws that have popped up over the years, with many laws being well over two hundred years old and still being enforced today. One of the most bizarre is a law that dates back to 1898, called the Library Offences Act. This law prohibits anyone from gambling in a library anywhere throughout the United Kingdom, along with the usage of obscene language and alcohol usage.

  1. Gambling in Japan

For Japanese residents, gambling can be a contentious issue, as their law is a little hazy. According to Japanese law, gambling is not legal, yet it’s perfectly legal to gamble on horse racing, the national lottery,  motor racing, or even betting on AFL games. It’s important to note that these are some of the most common gambling activities in the world, meaning that it’s not quite clear what is illegal within the country. For the most part, gambling establishments do their very best to ensure that they are always up to code with the government, even if they are not quite sure what they are or are not allowed to do.

  1. The UK’s Old Strict Laws

While it may not be the law today, but for over 500 years, it was completely illegal to gamble at all for those that lived in the UK. This was a law that was first put to paper during the Dark Ages, when the church was in control of the country’s governance. It wouldn’t be until 1961 that the government finally made it possible for anyone to gamble, as long as they are over the age of 18.

  1. Nude Gambling

As one of the strangest gambling-related laws in the world, it’s totally illegal to gamble without clothing on, but only for women. In fact, the law specifies that women are not allowed to engage in any gambling while nude, wearing lingerie, or while having a towel wrapped around them. This law is still enforced to this day, meaning that it’s a good idea for any women visiting the state hoping to play some slots to always remain fully clothed.

  1. The $4 Law

Another state in the US, Kentucky, has an old law that states that a gambler can lose $4 without any consequences to themselves. Losing $5 or more, however, gives the gambler the right to take up legal action against the person or establishment they lost the money to. In fact, it’s possible to sue the person for up to 5 years after the incident took place.