Guide to Gambling Licensing Authorities

Guide to Gambling Licensing Authorities

Avid gamblers will probably access many online casinos, and it is important for them to consider many things before jumping in and gambling at just any site.  An important consideration is that the site is properly licensed.  These authorities and commissions ensure that casinos operate at the highest levels and that means that you should not have any problems playing at these casinos.  They are also responsible for stepping in when problems do occur.  Here is a list of licensing bodies.

Gibraltar Gaming Commission

Gibraltar Gaming Commission is in charge of all land based and online casinos on Gibraltar.  There are many online sites licensed in Gibraltar and over the years this commission has been one that has been progressive and highly efficient.  When playing at casinos licensed in Gibraltar you can be assured of fair and random gaming and are extremely helpful when problems do occur.

Government of Curacao

Government of Curacao does not have a good reputation and it is advisable that you do not play at casinos licensed by them.  The reason for this is that this part of the world does not have a solid infrastructure when it comes to licensing and regulating online sites.  Their licenses are merely business type licenses that can be bought by anyone.  It is also difficult to address any issues with them.

UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission is known for its no nonsense approach to gambling online.  They have a solid structure that gives them permission to issue their licenses and these licenses allow casino sites to legally offer services to anyone located in Great Britain.  Any casino site that has this license will operate to the highest standards and players can be assured of excellent gaming standards at any of these casinos.

Alderney Gaming Commissions

The Alderney Gaming Control Commission is an island off the coast of England and has been issuing licenses for many years.  They offer high standards when it comes to overseeing and regulation of gambling sites.  They are helpful and are ready to assist when any type of problem occurs.

Isle of Man Commission

Isle of Man Gambling Commission was established in 1962 and not only licenses and regulates land based casinos but also online casinos like those that offer online slots Canada games.  Their main aim is to ensure that the gambling industry is free of crime, to ensure that the young and at risk are protected and that casinos holding their license offer free and fair play and that they receive their winnings.

Antigua Directorate of Offshore Gambling

Antigua Directorate of Offshore Gambling is responsible for the offshore gaming industry in the jurisdiction of Antigua and Barbuda. They have been proactive in their regulation of offshore gaming and they are known for their excellent business practices.  They are regarded as one of the top jurisdiction authorities in the industry. They focus on prevention of money laundering, protecting casino players and enhancement of the industry.  Casinos licensed through them are subject to regular audits.