Gambling Safely And Securely Online

The Internet forever changed many of the pastimes that so many have held dear over the last few decades, such as gambling. Where once it was absolutely necessary to head out to the local venue to play a few card games, now it’s possible to do it within the comfort of one’s own home.

The real problem is that online gambling laws are extremely lacking in most countries around the world and are usually held up in some kind of grey area that leaves gamblers unsure of exactly what they can and can’t do. Even beyond this, there are a handful of countries that have outright banned online gambling, sometimes in its entirety, and sometimes for specific types of games. For those that are looking for methods of enjoying their favourite casino games online without getting into trouble with the law, these are the best practises to implement at the moment.

Anonymous Payments

One of the best ways of hiding an identity online is by using anonymous methods to make and receive payments. Making a payment can be done by using a preloaded card, which is popular in many gambling circles, as well as certain e-wallets.

Perhaps the best possible way is by making use of cryptocurrencies, which usually provide full anonymity online, although not every online casino will accept cryptocurrencies as payment, so it’s up to the gambler to take the time and find one that does. Reducing the amount of personal and financial information that a person puts on the internet is good to practise in general, and especially in countries where the government is known for tracking IP addresses.

Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network, also commonly known as a VPN, is a way for a person to mask their real IP address and instead make use of servers that are found in different countries. This means that their Internet Service Provider, and, in turn, their government, won’t be able to pinpoint exactly where a specific IP is situated.

VPNs have become incredibly popular in recent years as more and more people look to take back their digital privacy. It should be noted that a free VPN is always worth avoiding, and that a paid service will offer better privacy as well as improved speeds. It’s a great way of playing games offered by casinos in countries where online gambling is both safe and legal, whether it’s for sports betting or playing video poker in Canada.

Use A Private Browser

Another way that a user may be tracked is through the kind of browser that they make use of. This is known as fingerprinting, and it’s a method employed by data companies as well as governments to keep track of specific browsers that “stand out” among the rest of them. When using a browser like Google’s Chrome, fingerprinting is easy and straightforward, but it can be easily hidden by instead switching to a more privacy-centric browser. Two of the best are Firefox – although some tinkering may be required – and the Brave browser, which has fingerprint masking automatically in place.