3 Lucky and Unlucky Colours and Superstitions

Spare a thought for the colour blind, as they’ll never know if they are lucky or unlucky! Colours have long been tied to luck, and there are several beliefs and superstitions that surround them. If you’ve never given much thought to red, yellow and green. now is the time, as it turns out that these 3 hues have great significance attached to them, and you may or may not want them around you!

Some colours have more than one mean, like green which can be associated with earthy vegetation, life and decay, whereas black very much stands for death, but in some cultures can stand for fertility and abundance. The there is blue, which has associations with defeat, calmness, tranquillity and cold

But which of these colours are lucky and the ones you want to wear when playing real pokies in NZ, and which are less so? Let’s dig a little deeper and find out.

1. The Power of Red

Red has always been a powerful, strong colour and as it is the colour of blood, it is also the colour of life. In Chinese and in Native American cultures red is considered to be a very lucky colour, and it is meant to bring joy, happiness, wealth and prosperity.

Over Chinese New Year red plays a major role, and often money stuff envelopes made of red paper or card are handed out. In a casino, red is considered a lucky colour to wear too, and you’ll often find it is the predominant colour in décor in Asian gambling establishments.

2. The Superstition Behind Green

Green is a colour of nature and immortality and we also see it in so many national flags from countries all over the globe. In fact, over 80% of flags have green in them. But green is also considered to be quite unlucky in both the UK and the USA.

This superstition dates back to the late 1700’s when it was said that wearing the colour green brought about death. Interestingly though, this correlation is actually quite easy to understand as green garments, wallpapers and paints were made with arsenic. This could poison the wearer or poison a household, especially in the UK where walls and houses were often damp. Of course we have found other ways to make things green since the 1700’s but the superstition of green being unlucky remains, and for good reason!

3. Yellow On the Fence

Yellow is a lovely cheerful colour, but it is also the colour of cowards and jaundice. Centuries ago those who wore yellow where holy men, and in China there was once a colour called Imperial Yellow that only Emperors were allowed to wear.

But yellow is a colour that also gets a bad rap, as the expression you’re yellow means that you are a coward. It also is the colour that many people turn before they die, so it is not a particularly positive colour, nor is it one that is considered to be very lucky. If you’re looking for colours of goo luck, we’d suggest you give this one a miss.