The Card Counting Strategy And Its Downfalls

The Card Counting Strategy And Its Downfalls

Casinos are purely entertainment based, with an abundance of currency exchanging hands at the drop of every ace on a table; there is a looming predator willing to tackle the house.  Its raw, it’s an adrenalin rush and it will get your heart rate up to 200 beats per minute.  However dabbling in the unknown will leave you at a disposition that the house assumes full control of.

Card counting in casinos is not a new pastime for avid lovers of the game.  Mathematicians and scientific scholars alike have long been on the cusp of dissecting the fabric of a deck of cards.  The deck of cards is interwoven with a mentality coupled with a set structure that dictates how the numbers fall.

These numbers are based on luck, yet with a little introspection from curious minds, the numbers   can be well thought out and anticipated from a scientific and mathematical standpoint.  This leaves the house at a guessing age, where the cards are not only predicted but also accounted for.  Card counting is one of the biggest concerns to any casino environment, as the practice can render the player with a potential whopping sum that would ultimately be seen as casino negligence.

Card Counting Explained

Players using a card counting strategy usually determine whether the next hand is likely to give a probable advantage to themselves or to the dealers.  Card counting is frowned upon because it is considered to be a tool used by a class of advantage players.  They are advantage players because they decrease the house’s edge by keeping a running tally of all high and low valued cards seen by the player.  The advantage comes into play as it affords the player to be able to bet more with less risk.  The overall effect provides the player with the ability to alter player decisions based on the makeup of the left over cards in play.

Is It Crooking Or Pure Genius?

The reality is card counting cannot be contained; it is a discipline that seems to come naturally to players with a natural aptitude and a flair for numbers.  Card counting can be taught, however players that have the inherent ability to solve for x only achieve it.  It is not a practice; it’s a structured set of formulas that integrate closely with maths in order to determine the best winning advantage.  Just like when you play blackjack 21 online, if you have the skill and know-how to place solid wagers, you’ll have the upper hand.

Yes, it is an interlay illegal practice, but few are masterfully competent at the task.  The reason why so few are actually capable of card counting is because it requires an algorithm structure in the brain, which allows the viewer to observe a set of values that repeat and reappear through a set structured count.  This in itself requires a completely divergent way of thinking that most general gaming enthusiasts are not capable of.

The Eye In The Sky

If you think that you can count cards undetected in any modern casino then you would be greatly misinformed.  Modern casinos have advanced security systems that pick on true wins and negate negative player influences.    This means that any player opting to count cards is more than likely to be caught out.  Even though it is unique ability that has the potential for big winnings, it is an illegal practice that will see you banned from all major casinos if not prosecuted.  The eye in the sky is a complex network of integrated cameras and sensors that monitor human behaviour and relays to casinos security personnel in an up to date structure that is unbeatable.

MIT Counters

Students from MIT are quite possibly the most famous card counters of all time.  The team scooped undisclosed amounts from various casinos during the 1980’s and early 1990’s.  They accomplished this using card counting schemes and other advance strategies and techniques.

It was with the help of the team’s professor at Harvard that they managed to ransack countless casinos for an unheard of amount of money that is still untraceable today.  It is a big hit to a multiplicity of casinos that will be engraved in the history of casino crime for years to come.