Casino Crooks Who Never Got Caught

Entertainment has always had a spotlight shine down upon it. We are creatures of habit that like to experience a change in routine from time to time and that is where entertainment has bridged the gap so seamlessly. We now live in a digital world where land-based entertainment has been replaced by online worlds where we constantly create, engage and consume.

The enticing allure of playing for an up or a winning pay-out has seen countless players spending hours behind the reels, but what if it was a sure game where you knew the outcome? Robbing a casino is never a good idea, especially with modern technology that has broken barriers in the digital and physical realms. In today’s modern world it is nearly impossible to get away with a whopping casino heist.

There aren’t too many casino crooks who never got caught, the reality is casinos have always been at the forefront of the latest technology to encourage a brilliant player experience as well as ensure that the house is protected from potential threats at all times. Many have tried and many have failed, but there are a handful of casino crooks that were never caught. Their astonishing crimes go down in history as the greatest casino heists of all time.

The Cashier Still At Large

Perhaps just as popular as mobile betting Australia options; Bill Brennan one of the famous casino crooks who never got caught soaked up front pages across the globe. Bill Brennan was a cashier at the Stardust Hotel and casino in Las Vegas. Brennan had worked for the casino for a long time and as such it wasn’t unusual when he walked right out the front doors with over $500.000.

The Bill Brennan story generated interest from around the globe, as the infamous casino criminal was never caught. Brennan still remains at large today; he is one of the most wanted men in the United States of America to this day.

Blackjack For Boffins

One of the most inspiring accounts of casino criminals never actually caught red handed comes from Michigan Institute of Technology. A group of math students along with their professor infiltrated various casinos only to master one of the most successful card-counting heists in history.

The boffins used math algorithms coupled with card counting techniques to defraud casino blackjack dealers in countless hands, walking away with millions of dollars of which the exact amount is still unknown.

The Lucky Three

The lucky three were a group of three casino criminals not quite ever caught but rather three casino criminals lucky enough to be let off charges by a court of law.

This intuitive bunch of casino criminals robbed the Ritz in London with nothing but laser pointers. The lucky three used a laser to gauge the roulette wheels speed and then predict the most likely winning number. Leaving the Ritz in London with 1.2 million pounds in their back pockets.

The three casino criminals were caught, charged and then acquitted of charges against them, the court also ruled that they were to keep the 1.2 million pounds they had managed to win.

New World Order

Casino criminals who never got caught are few and far in-between. There are very few occurrences of these criminals in the world as the law manages to bring them to justice one way or another. Even with casino cyber crime an area of concern, modern online casinos make use of industry standard software that prevents these attacks and manages to keep player data safe and secure.